Garrido is a 8 year old, 16 h, chestnut Lusitano gelding. He is an absolute pleasure to be around. He is super sweet and inquisitive and has an exceptional good mind. He is very social and enjoys his free time with another gelding in a huge turnout. He travels and trailers calmly and easily and has very good ground manners when grooming or shoeing. He is very easy to handle overall.


Garrido has 3 correct and pure gaits with an elastic walk and an expressive trot. In addition, he has an amazing uphill, ground covering canter with a good, natural balance. Flying changes are easy for him and he already does 3 tempis with lightness and elegance as well as all laterals.
He is started in passage and piaffe and shows a huge natural talent here as well.
He is an absolute pleasure to ride. He is very comfortable and easy to sit.

Carlos showed him 3rd level dressage test 3 successfully.

We have clean xrays from November from all his legs with no findings.


We aks 65 - 70.000 for Garrido.