Clinics and Lessons

Carlos is available for clinics in Classical Dressage and / or Working Equitation throughout the United States. Please ask for his day rates.

He is also available for lessons when you wanna come with your horse to our place in Napa, or you live close to us.

Some of Carlos students

I am an adult amateur with 3 Lusitano horses, riding in dressage and Working Equitation.   I’ve been working with Carlos for 2 years,  mostly in clinics but he has also had one horse for remedial training.   What I like best about his teaching is his calm focused approach.  There is no drama to unsettle either horse or rider- you get pushed to the edge of your comfort zone gradually and safely.  He has an innate feel for what the horse needs and is able to communicate this effectively to the rider.  He works on the rider’s effectiveness with the horse, giving the rider the permission and responsibility to feel what’s going on with the horse and making corrections as needed, not waiting to be corrected.   I thoroughly enjoy working with Carlos and I am a better rider because of him!

"Carlos has a unique ability to ride horses with sensitivity and refined timing while also being about to communicate to riders what it is he is feeling for. Working with Carlos has taught me how to be a better 'thinking rider'. In our lessons he doesn't just tell me what to do and when to do it, but rather he explains what isn't working and how to fix it.  As a result I am able to reproduce what I experience in a clinic situation at home. This is something that is critical to my training as I don't have regular eyes on the ground to help between clinics. "

"I have known Carlos for several years and hosted two clinics with him. On both occasions he established himself as knowledgeable and patient, especially with process of introducing people and horses to working equitation. He was also quite helpful getting better quality canter work for a friend's mare in long lines, which was a highlight. Although I've since moved barns and and am more deeply immersed in my dressage practice at the moment, I would have another working equitation clinic if I could!"