Nestled in the hills above Napa, CA, Sierra Nevada Lustianos equestrian center is specialized in the training, sale and breeding of Lusitano horses. Our resident trainer and instructor is Carlos Carneiro, a native Portugues, who grew up around the lusitano horses. Later he had the big honor to learn from 2 of the worlds greatest Classical Dressage trainers: Joao Oliveira and Luis Valenca. Carlos’ passion is to spread the spirit of Classical Dressage: a light and strong, happy and healthy horse, eager to please.



In our equestrian center Carlos is offering trainings for horses  in Classical Dressage and Working Equitation as well as lessons on our schoolmaster horses. He is also available for clinics throughout the USA. 



We also have wonderful Lusitanos for sale, all ages and training levels but all with really good minds, great personality and perfect body confirmation. To find those exceptional horses, we co-operate with the best breeders of Lusitanos worldwide. If you have a mare and are interested in breeding, come and have a look at our outstanding stallions approved for breeding.



We look forward to getting to know you.


Carlos Carneiro